Liaison Elite Insurance for International Travelers

Liaison Elite insurance is a popular visitor medical insurance plan offering coverage outside your home country. Comprehensive medical coverage is available for trips between 5 days to 3 years. For visitors over age 65 coverage is available for a maximum for 1 year. Coverage is available to US citizens and non US citizens.

$60,000; $125,000; $600,000; $1,000,000( ages 80+ maximum limit is $20,000)

$0; $100; $250; $500; $1000; $2500 Deductible is per person per Policy Period, maximum of 3 Policy Period deductibles per family. The selected Deductible and Coinsurance amount must be met for each 12 month Policy Period.

  • Outside the U.S.:
    After the deductible is paid, the program pays 100% to the selected Medical Maximum.
  • Inside the US:
    After the deductible is paid, the program pays 90% of the next $5,000 of eligible expenses, then 100% to the selected Medical Maximum.

Hazardous sport coverage can be added as an optional coverage. Incidental trips to home country are covered up to a maximum of $50,000(approximately 5 days per month of purchased coverage)

The minimum period of coverage under Liaison?« Elite is five (5) days, maximum is twelve (12) months. The plan can be renewed up to a maximum of 36 months for applicants below age 65. For applicants above age 65 maximum plan life is 12 months. Coverage can be purchased in a combination of monthly and/or daily periods by paying the appropriate plan cost.

Liaison Elite Insurance is underwritten by AIU Holdings rated A Excellent by A.M. Best

Liaison Elite Medical Insurance is administered by Seven Corners, Inc.


Coverage under the Liaison Elite insurance plan is available to individuals and families when they travel outside their home country.

Plan Benefits

Liaison International Insurance offers a broad range of benefits including:

  • Medical expense: Upto Policy Maximum
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: up to $300,000
  • Incidental trips home: Coverage up to $50,000
  • Return of mortal remains: $50,000
  • Accidental Death: $50,000
  • PPO Network:With in the US Liaison Elite plan follows the United Health. Network details are available online. Seven Corners Assist can help you find a provider near you.
  • Renewal: Renewals are available in whole month or daily increments and may be completed online. For each renewal of less than one month completed you will be charged an additional US$5 processing fee.
  • Cancellation: Refund of total plan cost will only be considered if written request is received by Seven Corners prior to the Effective Date of Coverage. If written request is received after the Effective Date of coverage, the unused portion of the plan cost may be refunded minus a cancellation fee, provided no claim has been submitted to Seven Corners for reimbursement

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