Lessons from Samoa: No Travel Without Insurance

It’s something that wrenches the heart the news of a tsunami hitting the coast of Samoa and American Samoa, taking with it the lives of 176 people, and counting. Once again, a leading beach destination has been pounded and torn to shards. For those who suffered injuries, one hopes their international travel medical insurance will cover the costs of their treatment.

As in the tsunami of 2004, tourists may also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Some international travel insurance policies cover PTSD,if you’re traveling to a beach destination in the Pacific, check out such coverage.

Samoa‘s economy depends so much on tourism that fears are already rife that the tsunami may have taken with it all chances of a good season this year. Tourists may also be wary of traveling to such a beautiful place after the tsunami. If you had planned a trip to Samoa, now is the time you can thank the gods you have trip cancellation insurance!

However, once the dust settles down, it may be a good time to visit the country. However, it is important to check coverage for earthquake- and flood-related disasters in your international travel insurance policy. You should travel to Samoa not because tourists will be few, or because you enjoy seeing destruction, but simply to be a part of reviving a beautiful country back to health.