Learn Lessons of Insurance When You are a Traveling Student

It’s that time of life when the world is at one’s feet! The young, especially students, generally have that feeling of invincibility, so group travel insurance will be the last thing on their minds when they plan a trip. But parents, who have probably experienced the problems that travel can bring, should ensure that their children are adequately insured.

If the students are on a study trip or leisure trip which covers more than one country, then international travel health insurance is a must. Parents should check from the tour conductor about the type of insurance cover taken. Ideally, it should include coverage for lost baggage, trip delays and interruptions, medical evacuation and medical reunion.

Medical reunion comes into play when any one child in the group falls sick, but the group must continue on their trip leaving the child under medical care. The benefit covers the trip and accommodation costs of one relative to reach the child and be with him/her. Trip cancellation covers non-refundable expenses such as flight costs and hotel rooms, when the trip is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Most policies provide for hot line numbers which can be contacted in case of any emergency. So parents’ please emphasize the importance of insurance to your children and ensure that they have a worry-free trip!