Kids Insurance is put on hold at California; New Hampshire expands insurance coverage

The decision of cut back on health insurance for small children has been put forth at California. In contrast, New Hampshire has extended the state insurance coverage to include young adults.

Since California has decided to free enrolment for the Healthy Families program offered by the state, thousands of kids in California would not be covered by a health insurance plan. Statistics state that currently about 1 million kids hailing from low-income families are covered under Healthy Families plan. But in 2010, more than three and a half lacks kid would end up without health insurance plan coverage. With this step, California becomes the first state to put kids under waiting-list for health insurance coverage.

However, in New Hampshire, young adults would be able to purchase affordable health insurance plans from the state. This was originally designed fro children from families with minimal income. However, these adults may get to sign up for the health care plan only after a year. The costs may be more expensive than stated before. New Hampshire becomes one of the first countries to offer health insurance coverage for young adults who are less than 26 years old to buy insurance on their own without support from families and employers.