Tips for J1 visa holder?ÇÖs health insurance.

Any individual coming to USA on J1 visa for Exchange program as visitor, scholar, au-pair, trainee, research student etc ., must definitely have a valid health insurance which meets certain basic criteria set by the U.S Dept of State.

Below are certain tips for J1 visa holder?ÇÖs health insurance

  • Along with proof of financial security, adequate proof of health insurance is to be provided.
  • All dependents of J1 Visa holders who are in J2 Visa should also produce proof of health insurance.
  • Check if the health insurance coverage meets certain minimum benefits like repatriation benefits and medical evacuation.
  • Check if the medical insurance policies meet the norms underwritten by the specified insurance corporation.
  • Confirm if the insurance corporation meets the specified norms and rated good.

    General Tips

  • Always carry common medication and instructions for medicines from your home country.
  • Always have some copies of insurance ID card and Passport.
  • Before leaving for any international destination, keep sufficient amount of local currency of the country that you are visiting.
  • Familiarize yourself with local language and traffic rules. A general orientation on some common phrases and traffic rules will be useful.
  • Check the safety of your staying place.