J1 Visa Health Insurance

J1 Visa holders holders coming to the US have to show proof of health insurance to be granted a visa. The insurance for J1 visa holders must meet certain requirements set by the US State department.

Sometimes the organization sponsoring the J1 visa can purchase J1 health insurance on behalf of the insured. In some cases,

the J1 applicant may purchase the J1 visa insurance for themselves and their family. If the sponsoring organization purchases the insurance for the J1 visa holder, the dependants or J2 visa holders must purchase coverage that meets the J visa insurance requirements. In some cases J1 visa insurance plans do not allow dependants to purchase the plan if the primary J1 member is not on the same insurance plan.

For clarifications on eligibility for various J 1 Visa insurance plans we offer visit us online. Call us to find out the plan that meets all the requirements.