Is Multi-Trip Insurance Ideal for All Busy Travelers?

Busy travelers have unique insurance needs. Let’s say a small business owner who recently shifted her manufacturing to China makes several trips to the country. She also needs to visit Europe often for marketing meetings. She doesn’t quite know when she’ll be needed where, and usually has a secretary take care of the travel insurance policy for her.

Just on the one trip that she forgets the insurance plan, she falls ill. That burns a huge hole in her pocket. Obviously, there must be a plan for people like her who make frequent trips abroad. There is, in fact, just such an option, in the form of the annual multi-trip insurance plan.

The plan offers international coverage for a fixed number of days a year and that usually ranges from 60 to 90. Some plans also offer flexible plan durations. The plan allows the planholder to be insured for trips that total the plan duration–whether that be through two trips or ten.

Remember to keep copies of all your travel receipts and documents for up to a year after the policy expires. Some benefits like dismemberment benefits are paid if the loss of limb is up to 180 days after a covered accident. However, if your travels are long and few, regular travel insurance may be a better option.