International visitor health insurance coverage for thyroid patients

Thyroid complications can occur suddenly for individuals who are traveling abroad either for business, leisure or overseas studies. There are various factors that could lead to thyroid complications during travel.

Typically visitor health insurance plans for US visitors will not be able to protect you from expenses incurred in treating such health complications during the overseas stay. You are advised to plan for taking care of your medical supplies and preparing for un-expected costs in event of a complication.

Some travel insurance policies for US residents traveling overseas can cover sudden unexpected flare up of thyroid conditions. The coverage period of such trip cancellation insurance plans are less than 30 days. You can also cover your spouse, children and dependents under such a travel insurance policy.

However, most travel insurance plans do not generally offer ‘wellness benefits’ which means you would not be reimbursed for the routine tests or examinations related to preventive care. In general if it is a planned procedure, examination or treatment then visitor health insurance plans will not be of much help.

Travelers often skip buying international visitor medical insurance policies if they are fit at the time of travel. Experience has thought many that even a short overseas trip can quickly turn into a financial disaster in the event of a hospitalization.