International Medical Insurance

If you are planning to move abroad for a few years or planning to go on a trip abroad for a few months, The State Department suggests you purchase International Medical insurance to cover you. Your domestic health insurance, including Medicare may offer limited to no coverage when you are abroad.

We offer 2 types of International Medical Insurance plans: Short Term Insurance (from 5 days to 3 years) covers you outside your home country for doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions and medical evacuation.

Long Term Insurance (Renewable Annually) offers global coverage including the home country. Plans can cover maternity, pre existing conditions (with a waiting period), preventive and dental care along with other benefits.

Short term travel medical (limited home country cover)

Long Term Global Major Medical (with home country cover)

International Medical Insurance (Short Term Coverage, Limited Home Country Coverage)

Short Term Insurance plans focus on providing coverage for medical expenses due to sudden illness or injury on your trip. Most International Medical Insurance plans are available for 12 months and some can be renewed up to 36 months. They do not provide preventive care and coverage for pre existing conditions. Coverage can start immediately and medical tests and reports are not needed.

Many of International Medical Insurance plans also offer a host of additional benefits like Medical evacaution, Repatriation, Accidental Death benefit, Common Carrier Accident benefit. Coverage is available from $50,000 to $1Million. Travellers visiting the US and US Citizens traveling abroad can purchase these International Medical Insurance plans designed and administered by US based companies with extensive international healthcare experience.

International Medical Health Insurance (Long Term, Includes Home Country Coverage)

International Medical Health Insurance plans with global coverage including the home country are ideally suited for expatriates, missionaries, executives and marine crew who live abroad. These plans are usually long term International Medical Health insurance plans and must be bought for a minimum of 1 year. Payments can be made monthly, semi annually, quartery or annually and coverage can be renewed untill eligibility is maintained.

International Medical Health Insurance plans are available for purchase online. Medical questionnaires must be filled out by all applicants and coverage is confirmed after the application is approved. Additional information may be requested during the approval process. Some plans offer maternity coverage and pre existing condition coverage and preventive care (waiting periods may apply).

Medical Insurance International Coverage – Top US Insurance Companies

International Services, Inc. offers Medical Insurance with international coverage from well rated Insurance Companies. We provide international medical insurance plans underwritten by insurance carriers with strong A.M ratings. and experience in the industry.

Lloyds, AIG, and Nationwide are just a few insurance companies that underwrite our international medical health insurance plans.

International Health Insurance Plans – Purchase

It is easy to purchase Medical insurance for international travelers. Payment can be made via money order, check, credit card, or wire transfer. Easy online enrollment and fulfillment enables quick and effective protection. Insurance ID cards and policy certificates can be eMailed immediately after enrollment. Nobody can offer a better price for a given plan. See client testimonials regarding our International Medical insurance plans and our service.

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