Insurance That Follows You Around the World

You’ve just been transferred to your European office?Çöa dream come true for you. However, did you know that your term life insurance may not be valid if you pass on when living in a foreign country? If the unthinkable happens when you are in your new station, how can you ensure that your family stays protected financially?

Enter international life insurance with overseas coverage. With a suitable plan such as MNU’s IC+ Term Life insurance, you can receive coverage for up to 10 years. The plan maximum is $2 million, and if you are applying for more than $350,000, you are required to send in a completed financial questionnaire.

The process also involves a medical questionnaire, to ensure the state of your health. A questionnaire will be sent to you, and you must have a licensed physician complete it and send it in.

Other services available through the plan include 24-hour travel assistance, and help with medical and embassy referrals, and emergency travel arrangements. The plan can easily be applied for online. However, it is best to first check your current term life plan to see if you will be covered overseas.