Insurance for Au Pairs Child?ÇÖs Play

The Von Trapps may be the most famous children who had a governess, but have you ever wondered whether Maria had adequate au pair insurance or nanny insurance? It might not have been a priority then, what with the World War going on, but if you were to bring an au pair, babysitter, or nanny to the United States today,you must ensure that she/he has a valid visa, and adequate insurance.

Au pairs typically enter the United States on a J1 visa, the rules for which are laid out clearly. The prospective au pair needs to gain employment through one of eleven designated au pair agencies, and the visa is usually valid for one year, with a one-month grace period for travel.

Prospective au pairs must also be between 18 to 26 years of age. The au pair should not have previously lived in the United States as an au pair. A health certificate, ‘good conduct’ certificate, and child care experience are also musts for an au pair.

Some of the au pair insurance requirements include a minimum coverage of $50,000 per accident or illness, repatriation of remains coverage of at least $7,500, and medical evacuation to the home country for at least $10,000. Remember that a happy au pair means happy children, and several plans that satisfy J1 visa requirements are available online.