Insurance Debate Rages as States Prepare to Sue

Barack Obama may have overarching ambitions to ensure that the average American doesn’t go without health insurance. However, the bill that the uninsured American might be subject to fines if they don’t have U.S. health insurance by 2014 has run into rough weather. Several states, now 14 in number, have expressed interest in suing the federal government protesting this stipulation.

The bill, as it stands now, looks to penalize all Americans, other than lower income Americans, in case they are found lacking in insurance. Also, employers who do not provide adequate long-term health insurance to their employees will also face fines.

Senators have slammed the move as an ‘alive tax’ that forces people to pay up for simply ‘being alive.’ Rising insurance costs have become a huge burden on John Doe and his family, and rising unemployment has further compounded the problem.

Part of the problem lies in people not knowing much about the various insurance options available in the market. Other problems include the fact that the number of uninsured people has increased dramatically, and also that health insurance is not the top priority on people’s minds when the economy is in decline.