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We offer a broad range of health insurance products. Our portfolio includes health insurance solutions for visitors, tourists, immigrants, US citizens, US residents, global employers, international travelers. The company invests considerable amount of resources in find the best in class products in each of the segments. Time tested solutions from trusted carriers are offered on this website.

Inside USA Coverage
Parents, Tourists visiting USA

US Visitor Insurance Medical Insurance for people visiting USA

Foreign citizens visiting USA can obtain coverage for sudden sicknesses, illnesses & injuries. Coverage can be as short as 5 days and long as 3 years. Coverage for hospital stays, doctor office visits, surgery, prescription drugs offered.

Travel Outside USA Coverage
Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance Medical Insurance for travel outside USA

US citizens or non US citizens travelling outside US can obtain coverage for sudden sicknesses, illnesses and injuries. Coverage can be bought as short as 5 days and as long as 3 years. Offers coverage for hospitalization, surgery, intensive Care, prescription drugs as well as doctor office visits.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
For Cruise, Tours, Travel

Trip Cancellation Insurance Coverage for trip costs and medical expenses

US as well as non US citizens can obtain coverage for unforseen events like sickness, injury, death of traveling companion or family member etc. which may prevent you from going on the trip. Coverage offered for trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical expenses, medical evacuation, baggage loss as well as repatriation.

Health Insurance for Immigrants
For Green Card Holders, H1B visa, F2 visa

US Immigrant Health Insurance Medical insurance for new immigrants to the US

New immigrants to the US might be not eligible for the Domestic major medical plans. Green Card holders, H1 B and F1 visa holders can apply for immigrant health insurance and avail benefits for doctor office visits, hospitalization, surgery, intensive care as well as prescription drugs.

Health Insurance for College Students
For US Citizen Students, F1 Visa Students

College Student Insurance International and Domestic students insurance

Students needing coverage when enrolled in colleges can opt for these affordable insurance plans providing coverage for medical, out patient and in patient services, prescription drugs, mental health, maternity (waiting periods may apply)etc. The students can stay on the plan as long as they are full time students or maintain a F1 visa.

Nanny Health Insurance
For overseas babysitters and nannies

Au Pair Health Insurance Medical insurance for Nannies around the world

AuPairs or nannies working outside their home countries must purchase AuPair health insurance plans to cover them. In some cases if the Au Pair is on a J1 exchange visa, it is mandatory that they carry insurance that meets the requirements of their J1 Visa Status.

Short Term Medical Insurance
For US Residents, US Citizens

Short Term Health Insurance Insurance for recent graduates and for coverage in between jobs

Temporary medical insurance plans are designed to protect against sudden accidents or illnesses. Ideal for US residents currently on COBRA insurance, in-between jobs or waiting on another insurance coverage to become effective. Fresh college graduates or those waiting on Medicare can also consider Short Term Health Insurance.

Health Insurance in the US
For US and Non US citizens

US Health Insurance Long term health insurance

US or non US citizens residing in the US for more that a year needing flexible medical insurance plan. Provides coverage for hospitalization, dental expenses, prescription drugs, surgery and organ transplants, maternity, pregnancy and child birth as well as emergency medical need or ambulance services.

Insurance for J1 Visa
For exchange program visitors and scholars

J1 Visa Health Insurance US J1, J2 Visa Health Insurance

J-1 exchange visitors/scholars needing coverage as per the Government regulations can opt for these plans offering covering for medical expenses, prescription drugs expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and accidental death & dismemberment.

International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance Worldwide international insurance

Us and Non US citizens requiring healthcare benefits during your international travel, temporary overseas stay (5 days to 3 years) or extended periods (1 year and above) of stay outside your home country. Plans can cover maternity, pre existing conditions (with a waiting period), preventive and dental care along with other benefits.

Insurance for International Students
For F1 and F2 Visas

International Student Health Insurance Medical Insurance for students, studying in a foreign country

Students can buy this insurance for a period of time anywhere between five days to three years. Coverage can be extended till the student remains eligible for the plans. Coverage can be bought by F1/F2 visa holders or students requiring coverage when studying outside their home country. Plans can be bought prior to or after the departure of one’s home country or country of citizenship.

Annual Travel Insurance
US and Non US Citizens

Annual Travel Insurance Insurance for business travelers or frequent traveler’s making multiple trips in a year.

Annual travel insurance plans offer affordable coverage ideal for business travelers or frequent travelers who make multiple trips through out the year, regardless of the number of trips they make during the year.

International Life Insurance
US and Non US Citizens

International Life Insurance Protect your tickets, your luggage and your health worldwide

International Term Life insurance addresses the challenges of working and relocating to countries around the world. International Term life insurance features insurance up to 10 years term. Application goes through Underwriting. The purpose of purchasing the insurance will determine the type of financial questionnaire required. A medical questionnaire must be completed by a licensed physician within 30 days of applying.

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