Inbound Guest Medical Insurance

Inbound Guest is an affordable fixed benefit medical insurance program for non US citizens.

Inbound Guest Insurance provides Policy Maximums per illness or accident as follows:

  • Ages 14 days through 69: Option $45,000 (Plan A), Option $65, 000 (Plan B) or $85,000 (Plan C), or $120,000 (Plan D)
  • Age 70 and over: Option $40,000 (Plan J) or Option $60,000 (Plan K)
  • Ages 14 days through 69: Option $0, $50 or $100
  • Age 70 and over: $200.00

Deductible Per Injury/Sickness Per Person

  • Outside the U.S. and Canada:
    Inbound Guest is not available for coverage outside the US.
  • In USA:
    For the Certificate Period, Underwriters will pay 100% of Eligible Expenses after the Deductible up to the covered amount for each type of medical expense.

Coverage is available for –

  • hospital – room, board, ICU
  • surgery, anesthesia, physician, nurse
  • diagnostic X-ray & lab
  • prescription drugs
  • ambulance services
  • dental injury treatment
  • mental & nervous disorder as well as substance abuse
  • chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • emergency medical evacuation expenses
  • return of mortal remains expenses

From 5 days to 180 days

Inbound Guest Insurance is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

Inbound Guest Insurance is administered by Seven Corners.


To be eligible for Inbound Guest Insurance the person has to be –

  • Non US Citizen
  • Over 14 days in age
  • Traveling to the US for buiness, personal reasons, to study or to immigrate
  • Plan must be effective within 180 days of arrival in the US
Plan Benefits

Inbound Guest Insurance offers a broad range of benefits including:

  • Coverage for hospital – room, board, ICU
  • Coverage for surgery, anesthesia, physician, nurse
  • Emergency medical evacuation expenses
  • Return of mortal remains expenses
  • Renewal: The policy can be renewed for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 180 days of total coverage. For renewal coverage beyond 180 days, the insured has to return to the home country first.
  • Cancellation: If a written request is received by Seven Corners prior to the Effective Date of Coverage a refund of total plan cost will be considered. If received after the Effective Date of coverage, the unused portion of the plan cost may be refunded minus a cancellation fee, provided no claim has been submitted to Seven Corners for reimbursement.