Immigration and Health Insurance

If you are a recent immigrant to the United States there will be many things you need to take care of. The process of gaining a green card is long and complicated and there are lots of steps to get through. While the United States can be a land of opportunity and promise, it can also be hard while you are finding your feet and developing a new life. For example, medical insurance is difficult to purchase if you haven’t been living for long in America.

While the United States is often referred to as the Land of the Free, medical care in America is definitely not free. Medical care is expensive and getting ill can leave you with huge medical bills. For this reason, residents of the United States are encouraged to have comprehensive medical health insurance to cover against the cost of illness and injury.

However, insurance companies in the United States are reluctant to sell medical insurance to people who are not residents of the country. This can be difficult when you are starting a new life and possibly don’t have the money to pay for medical care. You will normally need to have been in America for at least six months with a green card and a social security number in order to qualify for health insurance.

For those who don’t fall into that category, visitor health insurance can be a lifesaver. Visitor insurance provides coverage for illness and accident while you are staying in the United States, where even a simple medical procedure can run to hundreds of dollars if you are uninsured. Visitor insurance is also suitable for exchange students and study-abroad students, and international organizations that employ workers from overseas. To get the best deal you can apply online, where you can also find details on who is eligible for this insurance and what exactly it covers.