IHC Dental Insurance

IHC Dental Insurance offers high quality, affordable dental coverage for US residents above 18 and their dependents.
Max per year $100.
$50 annual deductible
IHC Dental insurance offers a choice of Preventive, Basic, Major coverage
The IHC Dental plan is ideal for US residents above 18 and their dependants. International students (on the F visa), Exchange students (on the J visa), Visitors to the US are also eligible to purchase the plan.
Plan Benefits
  • Office visits, routine cleanings, x-rays, topical fluoride and sealants are covered at 100%
  • Basic care covered after a 6 month waiting period. Simple extractions, pin retention, filings (amalgam and composite restorations) as well as sedative filings are covered under basic care
  • Options available for major care
  • Routine oral exams as well as cleaning and scalling of teeth (once every six months) is included under preventive care
  • PPO Network:
  • Cancellation:
  • Brochures:
    • Please click here to view Secure DentalOne Insurance Brochure
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