How to Find a Scholarship to Study Abroad

Going to college is an amazing opportunity for personal and academic growth and studying abroad is even more exciting. However, a period of study abroad can be financially difficult for a student. Fortunately there are scholarships and aid programs available to help you fund your study abroad. How can you find the money for foreign study? Read on to find out some tips.

Check with the financial aid office at your current college. You may be surprised at what information they have access to and the help they can offer when you are planning to study abroad. You won’t know about any possible opportunities unless you ask, so make it your first stop. You can also check if your college has a study abroad program and what they offer in terms of financial assistance. Sometimes the program has an amount of money for students who are in financial difficulties, or you can earn a scholarship through merit.

Check with organizations in your local city or town as they may have scholarship funds for people who are traveling and studying abroad. You can offer a presentation to the organization on your return, or updates on your study program while you are there. And don’t forget the most obvious answer – Google it. Look on the internet for study abroad funding sources and get in touch. An internet search is a good way to turn up lots of options in a short amount of time.

Check with the school you are interested in spending time abroad. They may have scholarship program or a system of exchange where you can get financial help in return for assisting foreign students at your college. In all cases, it is worth trying everywhere you can think of because you never know in what place your financial support could turn up.