Health Insurance Perks for Nannies

Attracting the best possible carer for your children can be difficult. That’s why many people who employ nannies or childminders offer nanny health insurance as an incentive. Offering health insurance to your prospective nanny as a bonus means you get a wider choice of applicants from which to find the perfect match.

Nanny health insurance can be short term or permanent and covers in-patient hospitalization and doctor’s office visits. Other highlights can include coverage for surgery, prescription drugs and ambulance expenses.

You may also be able to offer health insurance in lieu of a higher salary and reap some tax benefits. If you’re hiring someone from outside of the U.S. you can apply for a special class of insurance as not every company will cover nannies with non-U.S. citizenship.

Nannies get ill just like everyone else, and like everyone else they can benefit from good quality healthcare. You’ll benefit too – when your nanny has access to proper healthcare, they’ll be back looking after your kids faster.