Health Insurance for Immigrants

health insurance for immigrants

Every year thousands of people come to the United States as immigrants to start a new life abroad, as a result of marriage or other family issues, work or as a result of a successful visa application. All these recent immigrants will experience a great deal of change in the first months and years they are in their new country. With change come new benefits and sks- and the need for insurance.

Why do recent immigrants need health insurance? Health insurance for US immigrants is designed to protect immigrants from huge medical bills. Healthcare is not free in the United States and if you fall ill or are injured and need medical treatment you need to pay for it. Fortunately you can save yourself from the high cost of medical treatment with health insurance. Health insurance covers visits to the doctor, emergency medical treatment, and treatment in hospital as an in-patient, maternity cover, dental cover and prescription drugs charges.

However, many of the health insurance plans for US residents may be unavailable to recent immigrants. In these cases immigrant health insurance or short term health insurance is there to cover the gap. A fixed benefits health insurance plan gives basic cover at a low price – ideal for the first few months in a new country.

This type of insurance is for non-US citizens who are on long-term work assignments in the States or who are recent immigrants. The plans are renewable so you can extend your cover if you need to. Immigrant insurance can be used as a bridge while you are waiting for US citizenship. You can buy insurance for immigrants online, over the phone, or by mail. If you buy insurance online your documents will be available immediately after purchase as an online download. You can forward these documents to immigration officials if they are requested.