Health insurance coverage; COBRA – a rescue for the jobless; Free clinics – a savior for the uninsured

With the current economic crisis resulting in unemployment all around the globe, the number of uninsured individuals in the country has been on a steady rise. Regular visits to the doctor has been cut down and many people are not aware of how else to secure their health insurance coverage.

People who have just left their jobs and are looking out for a new one can stay in the insurance plan of their employer by enrolling in the initiative called COBRA during the transition period. If the premiums are too high, they can avail basic health insurance coverage by purchasing a short term health insurance policy which covers the basic health risks. Many individuals are not aware of the existence of private individual health insurance plans, especially if they have been in a permanent job throughout their profession.

During the tough economic times, dental care aspect is highly ignored, either because of lack of dental insurance coverage or the high expenses incurred for the consultation of the medical practitioner. Hence, when free clinics are organized, it is found that people flock over to these initiatives in order to get checked. Voluntary organizations sponsor some of these free check-ups by using the contribution of the public.