Happy New Year with Loads of Travel with Insurance!

Here’s wishing you a happy new year! Whatever be this year’s resolution?Çöwhether to live healthy, or to travel more (or both)?Çöensure that you include adequate travel health insurance in your resolution. It is the most ignored aspect of travel, unfortunately. A recent survey conducted in Britain revealed that more than half the international travelers went on their trips without insurance.

Along with the resolution to purchase insurance before every international trip, also consider the following resolutions: To always adopt clean and healthy practices when abroad. Remember that most infections and illnesses are caused by ignoring basic principles of hygiene such as washing hands frequently, and drinking boiled water.

Also resolve to always check the terms and conditions of every policy you take. Over 75% of Britons reported that they did not read the entire terms and conditions of their international travel insurance policy. Reading the fine print could literally mean the difference between life and death.

One other thing you must definitely do when traveling internationally in remote areas that are not traditionally ‘touristy’: Let someone know when you are traveling off-track. You may be the most adventurous and rugged person on the planet, but remember that forces of nature are far more powerful, and it is best that someone knows where you are, in case something untoward happens. Again, here’s wishing you a new year full of safe travels!