Group Travel and Health Insurance

Organizing group travel can be a challenge. Getting everyone to sign up to the itinerary, agree to the destination, and be happy with the plans is tricky. Then you need to answer everyone’s questions, make sure everyone’s worries are taken care of and ensure everyone has the write documentation and has made the correct payments. As a group travel organizer you also have to consider practicalities like group travel insurance.

Fortunately, group health insurance plans are available for small businesses, church groups, missionaries, and school and university groups. Organizing individual health cover for each person is prohibitively expensive and time consuming. With a group travel package you can tick all the boxes in one easy move. A group health plan allows you to sign everyone up to the insurance package uniformly. You, the organizer, would typically pay the fees for the premiums then either reclaim the money from the participants or cover the cost as an organization, depending on your policy.

Group plans can be customized so you can get the cover you need. International plans cover employees and participants around the world. Often there is a minimum amount of people required in order to qualify for the group insurance rates, which differs according to each plan. The sign-up process is also different according to the size of the group. In certain cases all the employees or participants will need to submit a full medical history.

Benefits of the coverage include medical evacuation insurance, repatriation, accidental death benefits, and medical expenses. Some group plans also include trip cancellation insurance due to terrorism or natural disasters. Coverage for international study abroad students meets the needs of study abroad programs and may also include maternity cover and prescription drugs. In a lot of cases, pre-existing conditions are covered, especially for larger groups. Other benefits include surgery fees, outpatient doctor visits, diagnostic and lab fees, and transplants.