GE Makes Multi-billion Dollar Commitment To Better Care Worldwide

May 8, 2009 (FinancialWire) General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) said it will invest $6 billion over six years to develop and manufacture more low-cost healthcare solutions for Canada and the world.

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Called healthymagination, the global, multi-billion dollar business strategy includes a $3 billion investment for 100 innovations that lower cost, increase access and improve quality; $2 billion to finance IT and access in rural and underserved areas; $1 billion for partnerships, content and services.

GE will work with partners to address four critical healthcare needs to start: low-cost technology; healthcare IT; innovation for all; and consumer-driven healthcare. Oxford Analytica, an independent, Oxford-based international research and consultancy firm, will monitor and report annually on GEs progress throughout this initiative.

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