Food for Thought for International Travelers

A new year has just begun, and those of us looking back at the past year might have a list of resolutions ready. An international traveler who habitually traveled without visitors’ health insurance might want to resolve to avoid skimping on travel insurance. A tourist who had a bad culinary experience may resolve to stick to tried and tested foods. But for most of us, it’s the battle of the bulge that takes center stage.

For those who travel often, it is almost impossible to effectively watch what they eat. However, it is possible to watch where the food comes from and how it is cooked. While salads are best options for the calorie-conscious, they are high-risk in terms of contamination of bacteria such as salmonella. Steamed food is an excellent healthy and safe option.

When the dessert temptress comes calling, it is a good idea to ask the restaurant to pack half and just serve half the dessert. Those who are really serious about cutting out sugar and fats should either just forego dessert (easier said than done) or should just ask the waiter to serve half the portion.

While traveling abroad can be fun, it can get tedious, especially if it is for work, and the traveler must take care of his own health. It is best that travel medical insurance remains unused, rather than be in the hospital for a few days even if all expenses are paid.