Floridians risk losing health insurance coverage

Due to the health reforms proposed by the government, more than 3,000 individuals in Florida are expected to lose medical insurance coverage every week. The uninsured figures may reach more than 5 lakhs by beginning 2010 as the clock ticks to the end of the year.

The cause of this could be the economic crisis which has reduced the spending potential of people coupled with premiums which have skyrocketed to unbelievable highs in the recent past along with the considerable increase in the cost of health care and hospitalization expenses, not to leave aside doctor consultation fees.

In just a span of about 10 years, the premium rates have jumped up by a whooping figure of 119%! Also, individuals in south Florida pay higher health care costs as compared to the rest of the states.

By the end of 2010, around 6.9 million Americans would lose insurance coverage in addition to nearly 45.7 million Americans who were not covered under any health insurance plan during the year 2007 according to census data.

This is definitely not a very positive situation for Americans as the medical expenses and treatments cost are still on the rise every year and the risks of contracting illnesses can never be eliminated or overlooked.