Figuring out the Deductible in a visitor insurance plan

Deductible is the amount the insured is responsible for before the visitor insurance provider pays the claims. Most plans offer a choice of deductibles from 0 to $2500. Selecting a low deductible ensures that the insurance company will pay eligible claims starting from the very first claim. The plan premiums for low deductible visitor insurance plans are often much higher than that for a high deductible plan.

Deductibles are sometimes applied per injury/sickness and some other plans apply a deductible for 12 months of the plan. If a plan has a $50 deductible per injury/sickness you will be responsible to pay $50 for each new sickness or injury. If a plan has a $50 deductible per 12months of the plan, you will pay the $50 deductible for your first sickness/injury. Once you meet the $50 expense you do not have to pay deductible anymore.

While purchasing a visitor medical insurance plan you can calculate your premium for various deductible choices and select one that works for you.