Extreme Sports Insurance Helps You Find Nemo!

International sports travel insurance is necessary for international adventure trips. Have you ever watched Marlin and Dory in ???Finding Nemo??? and wondered whether you might be able to observe such colorful fish? Unfortunately, these fish are becoming rarer due to climate change, but it???s highly probable that you can see the vibrant colors of the underwater world if you scuba dive.

Your standard international insurance policy usually lists hazardous sports as exclusions. You have to purchase additional hazardous sports activity rider to cover activities like scuba diving. If scuba diving is included in your adventure activity itinerary, then ensure that the following are covered in the hazardous activity rider: injuries due to recompression, medical evacuation, trip cancellation, and luggage delays.

Insurance up to 30 meters depth is considered relatively safe for habitual divers. Insurance beyond 50 meters is considered dangerous and most riders do not cover this depth for amateurs. Some of the plans that offer travel insurance with hazardous sports coverage are Patriot Extreme, Atlas Travel with hazardous sports rider and Diplomat America Leisure Activity.

The hazardous sports rider covers other leisure adventure activities like skiing and mountain climbing as well. Cave diving is generally not covered under the hazardous activity rider as it is considered dangerous. Professional scuba divers, however, can opt for special diving insurance from providers like the DAN network, which cover diving equipment as well.