Extreme Sport Equals Extreme Expense?

Bungee jumping, rafting, surfing and spelunking – extreme sports can turn an average vacation into something amazing. Many people take part in activities and sports while abroad but for a lot of people, the worry about the consequences should something go wrong puts them off. The perceived cost of travel insurance, too, is enough to make people want to skip it.

Thankfully the number of serious accidents that occur when taking part in extreme sports abroad is low. But these sports are ‘extreme’ for a reason – they are not risk-free. Making sure your sports travel insurance covers your chosen activities is vital.

For the best coverage, decide which sports you will be taking part in, and pick the insurance cover that suits you. The Patriot Extreme is for amateur enthusiasts, and includes all those exciting excursions planned for your vacation such as caving, skiing, scuba diving (up to 50m) and white-water rafting. The Atlas Travel Series with Hazardous Sports Rider covers similar activities (bungee jumping and sky diving included) with an optional rider for activities that would otherwise not be included.

Travel insurance may not be exciting but it is essential, and the right plan can be cost-effective. A sports travel insurance plan looks after the practicalities while you’re charging your adrenalin to the max.