Europe Trip: Should I Purchase the Agent?ÇÖs Visitors Insurance?

When you book your overseas trip with your agent, you might be offered a travel insurance policy as well. In some cases, especially with trips to the European Union, the agent may strongly recommend (or sometimes even unethically force you) to purchase an insurance policy from them. This is illegal.

Remember that you can purchase the travel insurance that you need, and that you cannot be forced to purchase the plan from your agent. Also, however, remember that the European Union Travel Directive specifies that a travel organizer must offer you a quote for travel insurance ‘at the earliest available opportunity’ and that might be the reason the agent is telling you about the policy.

When shopping for a travel insurance policy, decide whether you will need a travel medical insurance policy with trip cancellation benefits or a mere medical policy. If your trip comprises significant non-refundable components, it is a good idea to purchase trip cancellation insurance too.

Purchasing travel insurance online is hassle free, and quick. In most cases, there is no need for a medical evaluation and the application and payment processes can be done online. Comparing rates can also be done at leisure when purchasing a visitors insurance policy online.