Emergency repatriation and Evacuation benefits

Many of the individuals looking for international visitor medical insurance policies are unclear about why one should opt for emergency evacuation or repatriation or both.

To understand this clearly, imagine a situation where you have suffered severe injuries due to an accident and there is no medical set-up to treat you nearby. Or think of a situation where you need to be transported to another country for medical treatment as there are no experts in the area where you are currently present and you require immediate medical attention to save your life! These could sound very extreme to you but situations where you are not able to find experts to treat certain kind of health complications are quite common.

In these kinds of high exigency cases, emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits are a big blessing. The price you need to pay for these operations could cost you atleast $100,000 if not more! In addition, if you require surgical procedures and long periods of hospitalization, you cannot imagine the total expenses you would incur.

It is quite true that emergency evacuation conditions are not too common as for instance, a dental insurance claim. However, if the traveler needs an evacuation and knows that he is covered, he cannot be more thankful to the insurance provider as he would be taken care completely.