Choices Galore for Visitor Health Insurance

Your mother is planning to visit you for a few months in the United States, and fortunately, visitor health insurance is on your to-do list. What kind of insurance and coverage, must you buy?

There are a plethora of visitor medical insurance plans available. You can either go for fixed benefits plans, also called scheduled benefits plans, or comprehensive plans. Fixed benefit plans offer a predetermined amount for each medical expense, depending on the usual and customary expense associated with it. In comprehensive benefit plans, on the other hand, allow for most expenses to be covered up to the maximum policy benefit.

Consequently, fixed benefit plans are less expensive than comprehensive benefit plans. For older visitors, such as parents, comprehensive benefit plans offer the best and most reliable choice. Remember that pre-existing conditions are usually not covered under visitor health policies. However, pre-existing conditions are defined by the look-back period.

If the plan holder has not had treatment related to the pre-existing condition during the look-back period, it may not be considered pre-existing. Also remember that you will have to decide on a suitable deductible, and maximum benefit. Make sure you know how much typical treatment charges are, for deciding on the policy maximum. And get ready to welcome your mother to the Land of Dreams!