Buy Low-Priced Insurance to Avoid High Sticker Shock!

Parents of U.S. citizens often ignore the need for visitors’ health insurance when visiting the United States. If a parent has made a couple of trips to the United States with insurance and has not made a single claim, it might be very tempting to forego insurance on a forthcoming trip. The risks, however, are too huge and real to take.

Let’s take the imaginary case of Mr. Paul Belowski. He figures that with his heart ailment, he might not be able to get coverage for any ailment, and goes without insurance. He ends up with an eye infection, something that would have been covered by his visitors’ insurance policy.

The end result is that his son coughs up more than $7,000 of his hard-earned money for the treatment of the infection. This, as we can clearly see, can be easily avoided for just the price of a cup of coffee a day.

When purchasing visitors’ medical insurance, check carefully for exclusions, and for repatriation of remains and AD&D benefits, something we don’t want to think about. If the time comes to use those benefits, they will mean a lot to you and your family. So, always remember to purchase insurance when you travel to the United States: Don’t be penny wise, and pound foolish!