Bridge Plan Insurance

Bridge Plan insurance is a excellent temporary major medical insurance plan for US citizens and US residents who are awaiting Medicare eligibility. This plan is also suitable for US citizens and US residents who are not covered by either Medicare Part A or Part B.

  • Age 60 to Age 74 – $250,000 Max per Injury / Sickness
  • Age 75 to Age 79 – $100,000 Max per Injury / Sickness
  • Age 80 to Age 95 – $50,000 Max per Injury / Sickness

Choose from $1,000, $1,500, $2,500 or $5,000 per person, per policy period

The plan pays 80% of the eligible expenses after deductible is met, up to the next $10,000. After deductible and co insurance are met the plan pays 100% of eligible expenses up to the policy maximum. Coinsurance applies per policy period.

Part A: Hospitalization, Hospice, Skilled Nursing, Home health care expense coverage

Part B: Physician and Surgeons Benefit or Part A and B together.

Conditionally renewable annually for up to five years.

Petersen International Underwriters, Lloyds Coverholder
Petersen International Underwriters

The Bridge Plan health insurance is a temporary substitute till the person qualifies for Medicare. The plan is suitable for the following situations:

  • New immigrants to the US who do not qualify for Medicare till they complete 5 years as permanent residents.
  • Persons who may be eligible to enroll for Medicare but have missed the enrollment date.
  • People who may have signed up for only either Part A or B through Medicare and need temporary coverage till they sign up for both.
Plan Benefits

Bridge Plan for health insurance offers a broad range of benefits including:

Part A

  • Hospital room and board, nursing, x rays, drugs, lab tests.
  • Physician certified hospice facilities care
  • Skilled nursing facility benefits
  • Home health care services benefits/li>

Part B

  • Physicians and Surgeons benefit covers the cost/fees or physician or surgeons.
  • PPO Network: No Network, any doctor any hospital. Unless and until agreed by the underwriters, this is a reimbursement plan.
  • Renewal:Conditionally renewable annually for up to five years.
  • Pre existing conditions: A pre-existing condition shall not be covered until a period of 24 months, treatment free, has elapsed after inception of the first policy.
  • Application process: All applications go through medical underwriters. Underwriters will request medical records from your primary care physician or they will schedule a medical exam including a blood test, a urine test, and a resting EKG at the expense of Underwriters.

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