Benefits of the insurance companies in the health reform overhaul

With the health reform overhaul stressing on providing coverage for a larger population and standardizing the minimum coverage benefits, insurance companies may expect to benefit in the long run by establishing competent policies and also attract more customers.

The health insurance exchange would provide a common ground for these organizations to provide coverage for millions of new customers who join the insurance segment as the premiums become more affordable. The premiums cannot be more for women or people with poor health but can vary with the number of members in the family as well as the geographical locations.

The average profit made by the company per person may decrease but overall, they would surely benefit by the reform measures as they would insure more number of people and also small businesses.

A small catch about the consumer protection aspect of this reform is that these subsidies and the new approaches proposed by the government to expand the insurance coverage to the population may be fully available only during the year 2013 which is definitely a long wait.

The coverage benefits for preventive approaches to health care is being seriously considered as this may largely bring down the health care expenses incurred by the country due to treating the disease at a critical condition.