Air Travel in the Time of Volcanic Ash

Millions of dollars in travel insurance policy claims. Thousands of passengers stranded in airports around the world. The volcanic ash over Europe has paralyzed international travel to a large extent. This is exactly the sort of event that international travel insurance plans and trip cancellation insurance plans are purchased for.

This is also exactly the kind of event that gives airlines and travel insurance companies a bit of trouble, since it means settling a large number of claims within a short period. If you are one of those clairvoyant few who did purchase travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits, you can be assured of a decent enough refund.

If you do not have travel insurance, all is not lost, as your airline will probably put you on a flight back home at no extra charge or minimal charge. You will, however, have to fork out the money for the extra days spent at your destination (if you’re flying back home), or forego the hotel reservation costs (if you’re going somewhere).

Remember that the best chance of getting your claim settled is to first ascertain that your flight is actually cancelled. Make calls to the airline and your insurance company (preferably in that order) to find out what your options are. And remember that Nature always has a way of putting Man in place. And Insurance can help!