Age Does Not Matter: Expanded Visitors Insurance Cover

For parents visiting the USA, purchasing visitors insurance sometimes seems pointless, as pre-existing conditions are rarely covered. For Priya Mathur, her parents had an additional factor to consider: They were both in their 70s, and most plans did not offer high limit comprehensive cover.

However, looking online for plans, Priya was able to compare the different benefits offered by various plans, and found a few plans such as WorldMed Insurance and Patriot Platinum America Medical Insurance which offer $100K coverage for those in the 70-79 age group.

With some plans, such as the WorldMed plan, the extra coverage can be including by purchasing a medical buy-up, and with other plans such as the Patriot Platinum plan, the maximum coverage is fixed. For those who are over 80 years of age, the maximum coverage generally drops to $50,000.

With older parents, it might also be possible to purchase visitors health insurance with limited coverage for pre-existing conditions. US visitors health insurance is a necessity when traveling to the United States, no matter what the age of the traveler. In fact, parents visiting the US will benefit from purchase of appropriate insurance that offers adequate cover, and not a cookie-cutter approach to visitors insurance.