After Graduation, What? OPT Insurance!

Students anywhere are always looking to save money; even more so, international students in the U.S., because they have less money to spare. While a student may be covered under international student insurance when a student, right after graduation, the plan will likely cease to cover him/her.

A period of one year, after graduation, is called the Optional Practical Training period, and is used to gain practical knowledge in the field of study. Coverage during this period is possible through OPT health insurance. The OPT period generally starts the day after graduation.

If there is an existing insurance plan, the student must check whether it covers him/her for any period after graduation. Many plans have an extra period built in. Some plans may also extend coverage on payment of a new premium. However, the student must beware that the rates might not be the same as the rates for student insurance, and are usually much higher.

There are also other OPT medical insurance plans that can be purchased online. These are short term insurance plans, meant to cover the one year of OPT, and do not include regular long term benefits such as regular physician visits or dental care. However, it is a great plan for short term coverage, since the OPT period is generally one where a student is figuring out what to do next.