9 Reasons Why South Africa is a Must-Visit Destination

9 reasons why south africa is a must-visit destination

South Africa has been steadily growing in popularity and now welcomes more foreign visitors than ever. South Africa offers a whole host of attractions for visitors.

Looking for the next travel hotspot? Wondering where you can visit that combines safari with sun, sea, sand and city life? Try South Africa. The number of foreign travelers to the country increased by 14 percent from 2012, according to figures from Cape Town Tourism released last year. In short, South Africa is a hot destination – for these nine reasons and more.

1. South Africa is a Unique Mix

Where else can you experience a relaxing rest on a beautiful beach, an action packed adrenaline sport, and a trip into the bush all in the same week? Travel in South Africa is always interesting, and never the same thing twice. The country offers beaches, mountain scenery, vibrant cities, and wild African bush for unforgettable safaris, making this a trip to remember.

2. South Africa Offers World-Class Cities and Beaches

If you can’t decide between a city break and a beach break, why not have both? South Africa’s vibrant cities like Cape Town offer excitement, shopping, fine cuisine, and entertainment while the beaches are one of the country’s highlights – aquamarine water, bright white sand, and a variety of beach sports and activities. You can also find some deserted, windswept beaches that are off-the-beaten track.

3. South Africa is a Modern Country

For those travelers looking for a little luxury and a comfortable traveling experience, South Africa has a well-developed infrastructure within the cities and major towns. Modern amenities are all you would expect in terms of entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and transport. Plus, the country got a boost for the World Cup in 2010.

4. South Africa Provides More Bang for Your Buck

Thanks to a weakening of the South African rand, tourists can get a lot more adventure for their money than before. The exchange rate is currently favoring travelers from the US, UK and parts of Europe, making South Africa a popular destination for budget travelers. Backpackers, previously put off by the idea that South Africa was an expensive place for independent travel, are finding possibilities in self-drive safaris and budget hosteling experiences.

5. Visit South Africa’s Wild Frontier

If you go to South Africa you can’t miss Kruger National Park. This game reserve is one of the best places to view wildlife in its natural setting. See lions, elephants, birds, reptiles and more in the 8,000-square-mile expanse of bushveld. Take a safari here and you’ll be stunned by the diversity and quality of the flora and fauna.

6. Direct Flights Make it Easier to Reach South Africa

The flight from the US to South Africa is now around 15 hours, compared to the past when it would take 25 or 30 hours to reach the country via one or two stopovers. Flight times from Europe are also not too drastic. And with the improvements made to South African airports, you’ll find all the amenities you are used to when you touch down.

7. Communication Is No Problem in South Africa

While it may not be the most compelling reason to travel to a country, it is worth remembering that nearly everyone speaks English in South Africa. While the country has 11 official languages, you will be able to understand and be understood wherever you travel when you speak English. This makes for a less stressful trip.

8. Check Out The Incredible Biodiversity in South Africa

If you are interested in the natural world or you want to enjoy a vacation that takes you close to nature, consider that South Africa is home to 6 percent of the world’s mammal and reptile species, and 10 percent of the globe’s fish, bird, and plant species. In fact, if you visit Table Mountain you will see some of the 1,500 plants that thrive in this environment.

9. South Africa Offers a Vibrant Culture

The melting pot of different cultures in South Africa made for a conflicted history but today people from all races and backgrounds live together in harmony. You’ll find groups of people with Indian backgrounds, Afrikaners, and people from a wide range of African tribes. The individual cultures have their own foods and drinks, customs and traditions, and you can experience many of them on a short vacation.