Good Claims Settlement by USA Insurance Company for a Visitor's Heart Attack

     From: Rakesh

We purchased a visitor medical insurance policy from you (listed on NRIOL website) for my parents visiting USA. The visitor insurance plan made a huge difference to me when my father had a heart attack during his stay in USA. While it was good that my dad got good care at an US hospital with us by his side, the thought of huge US hospital expenses was very scary.

There was a constant fear in the back of my mind about huge medical expenses. I wondered how much of the hospital bills I would have to pay and how much was going to be covered by the medical insurance plan. I was also concerned about the hospital cutting corners because my dad was covered by a travel insurance plan as opposed to a regular health insurance?

My dad was hospitalized twice during his stay and I know the total bill was upwards of $125,000. I don't know the exact amount since the bills were sent to the insurance company directly by the hospitals

The pharmacies did not accept the travel insurance plan and I paid for the prescription drugs from my pocket. However I later filed the claims forms with the insurance company and even these expenses for prescription drugs were reimbursed to me. It was very nice that all other expenses were handled directly between the hospital and the insurance companies. The insurance plan covered as per the policy terms all the medical expenses that were submitted and there are no outstanding claims currently.

My dad is back in India now and doing well, fortunately my mom had an incident free visit to the US

Having gone through this experience I am not sure why anybody would ignore insuring their parents when they visit USA. I am not an expert at insurance and I relied on you to provide appropriate insurance coverage for my parents.

- Rakesh

Virginia, USA.


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