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Independence Holding Company, (Formerly – Health Plan Administrator (HPA) Inc.)dually headquartered in Rockford, Illinois for administration and Tampa, Florida for marketing, is a national and international Third Party Administrator. IHC has met or exceeded all state-mandated requirements, bringing you stability and security. IHC is a customer-driven company differentiating itself through knowledge, experience and integrity.

Short Term Insurance Plans

Secure STM Short-term medical insurance for individuals and families

Short Term Insurance

When a life transition leaves you uninsured, Short term medical (STM) plans offer a temporary solution and provide you wih some financial protection for medical costs associated with unexpected injuries and illnesses. If you are between jobs or in employer waiting periods, missed the open enrollment, or without a ACA compliant plan.

These plans are not ACA compliant. Benefits vary per the plan you opt for but typically include expenses for hospital room and board, emergency room treatment, surgery, ambulance, doctor office visits and more. You can apply for the policy online are typically active within 24 hours of applying

Secure STM is underwritten by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, a member of The IHC Group.